The Lifeguard

Abigail KestleJuly 8, 2020Fun and CreativityPoetry

I dive into the pool and float
into the shallow end.

Our lifeguard sprints
to the shallow end’s steps,
and waits for me to step out of the water.
Instead, I swim a few laps
before I’m tired from the sun.

When I reach for the wall of the pool again,
I realize that the lifeguard
has been pacing along the pool’s edge.

I taunt her by swimming in circles
in the center of the pool.
She scowls at me,
and continues to pace.

Until she slips on the wet concrete
and falls in.

She splashes water everywhere
as she tries to grab the wall.
I rush over and gently try to lift
her up and guide her to the steps.

She scrambles out of the water,
shakes herself off,
and then barks at me.

Maybe our dog, Camper, isn’t a good lifeguard after all.

Abigail Kestle is an eighth grader who lives in Rolla, Missouri. She is an avid reader and writer. Abigail enjoys being outdoors and spending time in Michigan over the summer as well as playing with her dogs.