Pragya NatarajanAugust 19, 2020Fun and CreativityPoetry

Artwork by Pragya Natarajan

Waves crashing
Slapping your face

Lightning, radiating in the night
Excitement streams from every nook
A spark, a star

Everywhere you can look

Galaxies collide
Shattering elements
Shattering lights
Fireworks crackling

Cleaved in half
Are the skies

A geyser, water crystalline
Comes into fruition
A sudden tremor
Grandness, fit for a masterpiece

Inspiration? No. Enlightenment.
Idea? Nirvana Embodiment!
Ingenuity or folly
Is the question

Of the vast depths
In thought
Canyons with valleys
It treads wary of the chasm

The trail, shall not be lost
It persists
Gripping tightly
Walking inside out, and hasty

Now how can this begin
How can the pen flow freely
What is the calling?
Of a rumination so spry, so fleeting

A moment in time
None to waste
Now how will it look?
If it starts off with a hook

Pragya Natarajan is a tenth grader at Cupertino High School in California. Her hobbies are watching animated tv shows, running, reading, writing, and art. Her favorite color is red, and she loves interacting with people.