Just Imagine

Lyla ChearyJune 10, 2020Fun and CreativityPoetry

Artwork by Vanita Sharma

There is only one thing a flame of fire cannot touch.
You may imagine that the fire is drowning you,
Just like a gust of wind may drown out noise
But the fire has not so much as swept your imagination for it is boundless
Inside, outside and within.

Imagination is dancing unchoreographed dances,
Making you wild with fear of this fire.
There is only one way out.

Just imagine

Lyla Rae Cheary, 13 years old, currently lives in New York City and attends middle school at East Community High. In her free time, Lyla loves to read, write poetry, bake, and after many years of persistently asking her parents to get her a dog, finally got one.