In the Dark

Vita HuangAugust 25, 2020Fun and CreativityPoetry

An ever-changing
Immense objects like scrap metal zooming in orbit to the Earth.
Inky as night, with millions of twinkling lights.
And you feel yourself floating,
floating as gravity leaves
you, nothing but a glorious view of Earth.
The blue, green of the land,
white of the Poles.
The Aurora Borealis between your feet,
Its breathtaking, immortal
Until you look up, and see the galaxy,
An array of colours, tidbits of black splattered here and there.
The whole thing like a disc, tilted, ready to spin.
Occasionally, there goes a shooting star,
Whoosh! There it goes again.
With trailing sparks,
like embers in a fire.
The warnings in your spacesuit beeps,
it is almost out of oxygen.
Voices cackle through the speaker,
urging you to go back
to the station.
But you don't want to go
You want to stay,
in this perfect world.
The cord holding you
pulls, pulls, pulls
until the Space is very far away,
and all you see is sterile, white walls of the Space Station.
The door seals shut,
and that was your first time in

Vita Huang is currently studying in grade six at Branksome Hall in Toronto. She loves to read and write, and one of her favorite books is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. She plays competitive volleyball with her team and likes swimming.