The Lightbulb of Kindness

Camille RutterFebruary 12, 2020FulfillmentPoetry

So much darkness
Is passed through the world
Through the lack
Of kindness.

Pass by.

Pain builds up inside
Like lungs full of water,
A balloon without air.

The sky getting darker all along.
But when the sky is full of fury,
The lightbulb switches on.
It lights up the sky,
Clearing the clouds,
Dumping the tears,
A beautiful release.

Because one person,
One of the millions out there,
Flipped the switch,
Made the change for all.

Weight off the shoulders,
Less stress to swallow,
For the victims
Of the unkind world
In which we live.

Camille Rutter is a sixth-grader at Lusher Charter School in New Orleans, Louisiana. She loves reading, writing, climbing trees, walking her dogs in the forest, and doing aerial arts.