Who Am I?

Athena EvangeliaJanuary 3, 2024Finding MeaningPoetry

The sacred veins from my head
Dripping down to my legs
I feel the tension inside

And in a split second I have a sudden question

Who am I?

I ask God this in my secret prayers at night
I feel the upholding light
I just want to know

Am I that sunny glow that lifts people up to the sky?
Or am I that rushing blow of sadness stuck to the wind, but felt by the mortals of the world?

Or am I, the bird who can
fly with one wing by its
OR AM I, that fire flame that brings people up,
but brings me down?

Am I just a surprise?

A surprise to people that see my energy and my
mysterious beauty?
Is it jealousy?
What about the clock ticking in my head?
What does that mean?
What about the shaking of jealousy in my bed?

Am I even real?

I can feel
My withering pen spelling out the words of beauty
From my shaking hand to this wrinkled paper

By whom these pages are read, your eyes
Can YOU answer my questions?

Athena Evangelia is almost 12 years old and lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey (near Manhattan!). Athena started writing poetry in the Spring of 2023, while in the 6th grade. Her favorite teacher, Ms. Odell, inspired her. That spring, she spent a lot of time with her 90-year-old grandfather in home hospice. He was a storyteller, World War II survivor, and self-educated historian. She read her first poem for her Pappou's funeral, and then could not stop writing. She loves poetry because it helps her cope with tough times and questions, and sometimes helps others. When she expresses herself authentically, her friends relate with the words. They say that sometimes the poems help them deal with similar issues. In addition to writing poetry, she loves musical theater, writing songs/lyrics, playing soccer and softball, and learning French and Greek. She also loves her dog, Dobby.