Fiorella AlfonsoJanuary 26, 2024Finding MeaningPoetry

Artwork by Arina Stetsiuk

It hasn’t stop raining, and I’m still here
waiting for you, will I ever find the meaning of my life?
I ask myself when I look out of the window and the drops fall.

Thinking about everything, I see a storm coming in the distance,
everything must be a dream, I say, but it is getting closer and closer,
that storm wasn’t fake, sitting still, I observed that storm
that was coming toward me.
This is a signal.

Through wind, rain, and hail I walk,
the journey is treacherous. But don’t rush,
there is a meaning behind it and I’ll find it.

They’ll tell me it’s still winter outside,
but I have my own spring inside, in that storm, following that sign.
Will I really find the meaning of my life?

Going through all that rain, wind, and hail,
I discovered that long-awaited meaning,
without a doubt, not everything was as I was hoping,
it took a long time to figure it out.
And sometimes I wonder how, but here is where I am now,
it’s really hard, I’m not gonna lie.
You’ll find a meaning every day, and that will never change.

Fiorella Alfonso is 13 years old and hails from Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. Fiorella likes reading and writing, is passionate about playing handball, and really enjoys traveling and visiting new places.