Nargis KachrumathurAugust 13, 2019Fear and AnxietyPoetry

an emotion
or is it
a state of mind
that is something
that should be left
up to the host
of this strange and unidentified notion
that one experiences
almost every day
when they are caught off guard
unsure of what to do
helpless and unknowing of
the future
something frightening
has appeared in their midst
whether it be something one can see
or something one imagines to be real
whether it be a person
or figures and images
the safety of a being has been jeopardized
and that is why fear has inhabited the mind
slowly swallowing all other feelings
all reason and logic
and eating its way into one’s body
taking control of the mere existence of the life form

goes hand in hand with fear
both these ideas
as close as kin
for it is the thoughts that flood in
after one has been overpowered by fear
of what will happen next
where will this fear-inducing thing
take me next
where will i be after this is over
when will this be over
will i get hurt
what should i do to protect myself
it is a jumble of so many different feelings
that ask a person
what is best for their well-being
what will go wrong
how can one prevent that from happening

both these notions
engulf a being
overpower a soul
yet somehow
they never win

Nargis Kachrumathur is 11 years old. She is in grade 7 at Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India. Nargis loves reading, soccer, badminton, basketball, waveboarding, swimming, and theater arts (especially drama).