Yes We Can

Alex LyonOctober 27, 2017Exploring HumorPoetry
Yes We Can

I sit on the couch,

in front of the fireplace

that belches out smoke into the atmosphere.

On the TV

news of

the latest oil spill, pictures of pelicans,

coated in thick black oil.

Reports of the disappearing Amazon, footage of trees falling,

bringing countless animals to their doom.

And the melting Arctic, a story of polar bears, not finding food

and starving to death.

All these problems

flash on the screen.

I nearly rip a hole in the couch,

it frustrates me how it seems

no one is doing any thing.

A noise out side the window startles me,

outside a truck rumbles by.

It puffs smoke from its stack as it goes.

All these things,

represent human error,

the failure of the ability to save

the environment.

It’s our environment,

the only one we have.

There is still hope.

Every one needs to help,

scientists and children alike.

If we stop littering,


and other harmful things,

we can make this world a better place.

It’s not too late yet,

we can still do it,

yes we can.