After I Die

Niti MajethiaJanuary 29, 2017Ethics and MoralityPoetry
After I Die

Artwork by Anya Dunaif

Someday, I may not be physically next to you

And maybe, just maybe, your tears would roll out, just a few

Someday, this heart of mine, may not be beating

Someday, forever, I will be sleeping

I won’t talk to you,

Because I won’t be able to

I won’t hold your hand in times of fear

I will be gone, forever and ever

When that day comes don’t forget me

When that day comes don’t cry

When that day comes just bury me

And pray for a better life

I will be in the rain that the clouds pour

I will be the sunshine we all adore

I will be the icy snow

And you may not even know

I will be in every breath you take

And I will be watching every mistake you make

I will be there, I’ll be next to you

I will make you sleep peacefully at night

And when you cry I will hold you tight

I will say ‘I LOVE YOU’

But you wont hear me

But don’t you worry

I’m still there, even after I die

I’ll be there when you pass out working

I’ll be there and I’ll watch you growing

After I die,

After I die,

Don’t worry, don’t get scared,

Remember I’m still there

My soul belongs to you forever

I will always want you happy

And if you want to, try to feel me

I’ll be there hoping for you to be lucky

I’ll be there wiping your tears

I’ll be there all those painful years

I’ll be there when you’ll be fighting cancer

Praying all night for you to recover

I’ll be there when you win the race

I’ll smile when I see your glowing face

Remember, I’m still there

After I die,

After I die,

Oh don’t you cry!

I’ll always be there.

I’ll be gone, but I’ll still be everywhere.

Niti Majethia is 15 years old and lives in Mumbai, India. She has been writing poems since she was six. Her poems have been published many times in Robinage, a newspaper in India for children, in magazines in the United States, and have won a short story competition in Mumbai.