We Cradled Infinity

Lyla ChearyFebruary 1, 2023Dreams and DesiresPoetry

Artwork by Sanujan Rajmoha

We wrapped infinity in time
Folded it in a blanket
Held it there for hours
And Imagined
It was our superpower

Was it destiny or hope
Dreams or desires
Or minutes between our hours
That made infinity ours

We had wrapped something precious
A creation that was so infectious
And I’d stand there in your silence
Pretending hope didn't blind us

But we cradled infinity
Pretending time was only ours to take
And I know that if it breaks
There’s not more
Than 60 minutes in an hour

Lyla Rae Cheary, 13 years old, currently lives in New York City and attends middle school at East Community High. In her free time, Lyla loves to read, write poetry, bake, and after many years of persistently asking her parents to get her a dog, finally got one.