You Think

Antonela Pariagua SalinasMay 2, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Nadia Shaibu, age 17

Change . . . what does it really mean?
From getting a new haircut and changing our social circle,
to leaving our homes behind and closing cycles.
Like closing a door to open another, without knowing what's beyond,
without knowing how hard it will impact us or what awaits us there, it is a complete mystery,
you feel afraid and you don't know if you will be brave enough to make the decisions.
You think and you think,
suddenly you enter the crisis of uncertainty,
it consumes you, not knowing what will really happen,
well, life is like that, uncertain, we never know what awaits us,
or how the decisions we make will affect us,
but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself,
because there will always be other doors to open,
and when we don’t find any open and all are sealed,
we just have to continue and not judge ourselves or feel guilty,
sometimes it is also necessary to lose some things to gain others.
Life is full of changes, let's embrace them.