Us, a Community of Change

Avishi GurnaniMarch 14, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Nikita Zinoviev, age 16

Photograph by Nikita Zinoviev, age 16

Differences accepted.
Friends around every corner.
Holding a belonging
To this new world. Every grain,
A pillar to support this journey.
From reticence to expression.
Urge to return the debt of kindness.
Love, that had been lent.
Today, a part of this island.
Tomorrow, a fraction of its proud past.
A heart filled with thoughts, a mind with overflowing feelings
Longing to merge, to make, to stay, to sense, to see
Us, a community
Proud of the past,
Fostering the future
Sublime, the goals of a lifetime
This can’t succeed solitarily
Our strength, specks in space
Together, our power,
Greater than one alone can ever be
Us, a community.