Not Too Late

Jude SheriffMarch 21, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Tamara De Arrascaeta, age 12

It’s not too late,
But I guess it’s all up for debate.
Sitting in a park with your best mate,
You’ve got no idea what’s stored in fate.

It’s not too late,
Though not much will change,
All we can do is rearrange.
What they've done is in the past,
We got the opportunity to change fast.

It’s not too late,
What people do is not all hate.
Come on, let’s change the date,
We’re heroes! We don’t need a cape.

What are you waiting for? We could do this now,
Let’s wipe the sweat off our brow.
For we need to save the Anoa cow,
And all those that judged will finally say WOW.

It’s not too late,
I hope this informed you and your mate
And convinced you to pick up your waste,
So we are prepared for anything to face.