Little Blue Butterfly

Fiorella AlfonsoApril 19, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

A party, a lunch, what could go wrong?
A hand under the table, a scare and a crisis, at that precise moment
Something changed in that butterfly.
Instead of learning how to fly, she decided to hide in a dark place.
It was not necessary to touch her all,
By touching one wing, they had already completely destroyed her,
They didn’t understand her.
She kept insisting and trying to convince herself that the crisis was her fault,
That getting to that table was just a misunderstanding,
When in reality it was quite the opposite.
Will I continue to keep this to myself? she asked herself.
She decided to go to her safe place, where no one would harm her.
Why are you crying, butterfly? They asked her, and she just cried and cried.
She returned to that table, hoping to escape unscathed.
But all her hopes went to waste.
And so, her other wing was damaged, she cried and cried,
Asking for help from her friends and telling them what happened.
With time she recovered her shine, colors and wings.
With a tsunami of emotions she returned to that table,
Very sure that she would come out unscathed again,
But when she was saying goodbye, they cut both of her wings at the same time.
But her friends were there to defend her from that aggressor.
All those crises ended, but they left a change in the life of that little blue butterfly,
Teaching her that those obstacles and changes will not limit her,
Because at the end of the day, destiny will paint her wings in colors again.