Fading Embers

Félix DelgadoApril 10, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Ruth Benitez Escobar, age 15

In the shadows of a love that fades,
laughter fades, light slowly cascades.
In the twilight words turn into daggers,
cutting promises, silhouettes in tatters.

Gazes linger in silent reproach,
a broken bond in a muted approach.
Distrust taints the barren time,
tears fall in the winter’s rhyme.

Lost vows carried away by the wind,
two souls seek, breathlessly thinned.
In the crisis a glimmer persists,
reflection may heal as hope insists.

May love bloom like the spring’s endeavor,
rise from ashes, a new era forever.
Let forgiveness be a bridge that rebuilds,
the union that stormy night insists.