Echoes of Resilience: A Journey to Peace

Ethel HarrisMarch 4, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Paula Cenzano, age 16

Her heart, once pure, now narrates tales in red,
In the night’s silence, through shadows it is spread.

Near the campfire, we gathered to hear,
Awaiting her history, a story severe.
Ears attentive, minds eager, and eyes wide
As flashbacks revealed a stormy tide.

Two decades ago, her children in discord
Fighting each other, with no accord
“When will this end?” she wondered
Her population diminishing, with more plunder.

The crisis expanded, lives were lost,
In time activists arose, no matter the cost
Women stood resilient, as men took the lead
Roles shifted in the time of need.

Christian and Muslim women united
Inspiring efforts, a brave fight.
Now, she finds peace, her heart at ease
A reflection of hope in the midst of memories.