Destiny's Hand

Melissa Mary Osei NtiamoahApril 5, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Sofia Rodriguez

Day and night, troubled with thoughts.
Why did I have to be the one?
Why am I never the one?
Contrasting questions unravel my mind
Carefully occupying my space.
Never finding answers to them, they pile up like a tower of books.
Tragedy all over me
Yet happiness peeks through.
Overwhelmed by the world which never ceases throwing thoughts my way.
The very world that takes on different costumes
Yet filled with the very same people I see each day.
Breaking free regularly clouds my thoughts
Death seems to be one of such regulars
Setting in me the fear of the inevitable
“Are we all really going to die?”
Having a showcase of diversity around me does not settle me
Instead it unravels the bigger questions
Life, the biggest question of all, shows her face
Yet she gives no answers.
She claims it is too complicated.
It is therefore no surprise that such a shapeless concept has no
Wins and Losses are not a choice
They are basically determined by luck
A commodity in the market.
Giving up corrodes my zeal.
Destroying the strength within.
Unlike these, destiny truly prevails.