Crucible of Crisis

Maha ShamsiMarch 27, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Artwork by Noa Gutiérrez Mateos, age 15

In the crucible of crisis, shadows cast,
A turbulent dance where echoes of violence blast.
Change emerges, a tempestuous tide,
Yet within this chaos, compassion abides.

A world gripped by the clutches of strife,
Seeds of transformation amid the discord rife.
Violence, a tempest tearing seams,
Change, the architect of shattered dreams.

Beneath the storm, resilience is born,
In the face of brutality, a new morn.
Crisis, a canvas for change's decree,
Yet violence dissolves in empathy's sea.

The human spirit, a force untamed,
Rising from ashes where darkness once claimed.
In the crucible, society rearranges,
Crafting hope from the anvil of changes.

Let’s not let violence dictate destiny's scroll,
For in crisis, seeds of empathy take hold.
Change, a sculptor of a world reborn,
Where love prevails, and peace is sworn.