Change on the Floor

Jillian ChearyApril 25, 2024Crisis & ChangePoetry

Change on the floor at my feet
I love metaphors, but I mean this literally
I wish I felt good
I wish I felt lucky
I wish I had been proud of the traditions that honor those before me

But luck wasn’t on my side, so I guess the pennies that he dropped at my feet weren’t supposed to be nice

Because now that that hate crime tails me around day and night, I think about how my boyfriend’s friends could get by in jail and how my boyfriend stood by and was a bystander and left me standing there

Nothing was said, and nothing was done; everyone let the hate pass over, helping make the herbs more bitter, and now I’m left thinking about this over and over, so I wish myself good luck

Good luck

The clinking of the change on the floor at my feet speaks to me

I think of it as my greeting, the way I was meeting his friends, and again, I wish myself good luck

For the rest of my time in this affluent “paradise,” I will look into their beady eyes — not mine, even though it’s another Jewish stereotype — and see pennies dancing.
Not lights.

And try with all my might to see the good, but I know that night will never be
I know it’s not a dream because this tale has too much steam, so I start to cry when I retell how
There was change on the floor at my feet
I love metaphors, but I mean this literally

I shake like the change in his pocket he took with him to make lakes on the floor. But I didn’t add more with my tears, and I dropped my fear. Dropped like my stomach, Dropped like my heart. But I hope to catch it and give it to people who need it more, like the kid who put the change on the floor at my feet. I love metaphors, but I mean this literally.

The kid who put change on the floor at my feet. This is a metaphor,
I’ll take the change and put reins on it. Watch me
Pick up your own mess; don’t use it against me
Because I know penny-picking was propaganda used to murder six and a half million of us

So, like the change clicked, there was only clinking in his brain because what was his education if he felt no need to refrain from dropping change on the floor at my feet.

I know that is a piece of information he did not meet, so I question his morals, I question his education
I question his freedom because he seems trapped in ignorance
And I don’t want to ignore this hate because I experienced it once, and I can’t imagine experiencing it more

I changed, I see the world differently, I react and help people accordingly, and I’m better for it, but I believe I am lucky because I have people who love me

They help me through the change on the floor at my feet
This is or isn’t a metaphor
And I love them both equally