Deaf, Blind, and Different

Lucia O'CorozineFebruary 25, 2017Creativity and ImaginationPoetry
Deaf, Blind, and Different

Artwork by Gracie Gralike

I’ve been pushed into a slot

For tying my hair a different way

For having other things to say

Things I don’t want to hear I don’t

They think I should look at what they look at

I glimpse something else around the corner

Success is all they see

Their neat and tidy boxes, with labels on the outside

Money in a safe, a stainless steel life

I see a wall, they’ve built around them

Made of everything they’ve lost

Lucia O’Corozine is a 14-year-old homeschooler from New Paltz, New York. She loves to draw, write poems and speak Italian. Her favorite Italian word is “cielo,” meaning sky.