Because I Know

Isabelle JacobsJanuary 31, 2018Creation and DestructionPoetry

I am ignorant because I know.

I know I befriended a boy who fell from the realms of darkness.

I know I love him as if we were sprouted as a whole, not two.

I know he is haunted by the shadows of his past, while I’m guided by the light.

I know he is my brother born from the same creator yet punished by his own brothers.

I now know my ancestors forced his family down a never ending pit of oppression.

I now know that even crawling out of the pit, he lives in the veil of racism.

I now know I’m the reason he’s poisoned with such injustice.

I now know why blind eyes become wide in the eyes of different.

I do not know why we are not friends anymore.

I do not know why my only friends are white and his are black.

I do not know why the world is so separated.

I now know I am ignorant because I know.

Isabelle Jacobs is a high school student just shy of 17 years old. She lives in New Jersey, and some of her passions include reading, writing, and traveling.