A Certain Time Ago

Rand Ang Siong LinDecember 1, 2017Creation and DestructionPoetry

A certain time ago, a mother gave birth to a boy, to her wonder.

A certain time in the future, that boy’s mother will be six feet under.

Empires from East and West, monopolising land and populace,

Empires in a bloody mess, falling apart with no grace.

Quarter of a century ago, we came onto this Earth,

Quarter of a century later will be the day of the last human’s birth.

What comes must go, and what is born must die,

What is created will be destroyed, no matter how hard you try.

For only when what exists disappears in all of space,

Can something better take its place.

Rand Ang is a 14-year-old literature student from Singapore. Rand's hobbies are digital art and debating, aside from gaming, of course.