Two Ends of Courage

Ananya VermaAugust 2, 2023CouragePoetry

Artwork by Daniel Bermejo

She silently weeps into her pillow,
Will her loved ones return to the nest?
Or will they be hunted down
sacrificing their lives for the honor of the country?
Young soldiers fighting at the borders are strong and brave
They are willing to protect,
To die for their motherland
With valour and with courage, great courage.

Back home
A mother is waiting
Her family’s life is locked in grenades and missiles,
She wipes the teardrops that smudged the handwritten note,
“Don’t worry Mother! We’ll see you soon.”
She stands up, her head held high
The bullets of fear that had pierced are now leaving her body
She decides to write destiny with the ink of faith.
She too shows courage, great courage today.

Ananya Verma is a 14-year-old from India. She loves to write and express herself through stories and poems. She also composes songs.