Courage is a Fire that Burns Within

Om KakkadJune 28, 2023CouragePoetry

Artwork by Alonso Torres Paredones, Age 13

Courage is a fire that burns within,
A strength that helps us to begin,
To face our fears and stand up tall,
And rise above when we might fall.
It gives us the power to face the unknown,
To venture out into the world alone,
To take a chance and chase our dreams,
No matter how impossible it seems.
Courage to help others is an even greater act of strength,
To offer hope and lend a hand at any length,
To act selflessly, without needing a cry for help,
Is a true sign of the courage of a heart that truly excels.
Courage is not the absence of fear,
It’s the strength to face it, loud and clear.

Om Kakkad is a 14-year-old from India. He is a sports enthusiast and is passionate about golf. It is not only the vast green expanse of golf that beckons him, it is also coding, game development, drawing, and music that fill his day with interesting engagements. And one thing he never misses is his fun time with his five pet dogs.