Brianna SaevitzonJuly 22, 2021Connection and IsolationPoetry

Artwork by Dimitriy Uvchenko

Drenched from the rain
Not from the sky
Everything’s so wet
But now so dry

The first drop on her,
The next in the dirt
Her expression, complex
As if she’d never seen rain before.
Her eyes are red, she’d been up all night

Immersed in sadness,
Her tears fall heavily into her lap
She falls to her knees,
her numb hands quiver.
Through the light,
But now through the dark

Unaware of what’s happening
She turns away
You could see the intention in her steps
As I watched her walk away

Brianna Saevitzon is in the ninth grade at Milken Community School in Los Angeles, California. From a young age she developed a strong passion for writing poetry as well as dancing competitively. She one day aspires to continue her love for writing and work in the surgical field.