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Poems for PeaceSeptember 3, 2018Conflict and PeacemakersPoetry

Poem for Peace

Oh look at the moon!

She is shining up there

Oh mother, she looks like a lamp in the air

Let’s maintain peace everywhere

Oh look at the moon, sun and stars

When I look at them, we have peace in our hearts

God is great, he put us all in the world

Let’s maintain peace everywhere

Look at the moon, it reflects peace

We can see this during the night

It has no one disturbing it

Let’s maintain peace everywhere

All this is to God’s glory

He gave all this

We have love and peace in our hearts

Let’s share it with one and all

Mary Ernesi

12 years old

Royal Junior School

Njia-Panda, Tanzania


When hope has left,

When all has gone from your face,

The human race,

All but space,

We are the cause,

We are called intelligent,

We are all but that,

We have nothing left

We pray to the high that torments us daily,

Why have we this privilege?

To blame the world

Taking her life

Destroying each other

This is our peace?

Jonas Brekelmans

6th Grade

Anglo-American School

Moscow, Russia


Thousands of troops lined with guns

Dawn is coming, Eastern Sun

Flash! Flash! Get away from there!

Ready? Action: Comes nightmare!

“Boom! Boom!” dashed the sounds. Panic

Dooms grovel on ground. Panic

Blood strikes desperate faces

The bomb has left no traces.

The game is over, all dead

Should we stay or move ahead?

Where is the military?

Shattered lives, their family?

Take a deep breath, and realize

Be civilized, and be wise

Sustained wounds are left behind

Stop war, make peace, do you mind?

Ambition has forsaken

Your action has been taken

Our solutions are behind

Stop war, make peace, do you mind?

I wrote this poem in order to promote peace. Although it’s not a big thing, I hope it will make people around the world have a different view of wars, because there are “old-fashioned” solutions. There are ways that we can solve problems in which we can create a better relationship and a better society, instead of destroying things and leaving negative effects behind.

Nguyen Bui

American International School

7th Grade

13 years old

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The World is at Peace

Grown up people

scurry here and there

upon the crust of the earth

cursing each bump, grudging dis n’ dat

like a garden full of bitter weeds.

I am a child,

filled with salt from the sea mist

and the smell of green

that rides the air and feeds me

as I breathe in and out.

A cooling breeze strokes musical notes

as it brushes the leaves

of the banana and breadfruit trees.

John crows jabber, parrots gossip and

Hummingbirds delight in the suckle of

the lime-bush flower.

The warmth of the sun wraps me

as I journey through each day.

The light of the moon guides me

as I find my bed and pray

for my family, my country,

all people to notice,

that the world itself is at peace.

Tanika Stewart

Tacky High School

Age 14

Three Hills, Jamaica


If I drink my coffee

with two spoons of sugar

and you drink your coffee with four

it doesn’t mean that mine is sweeter

it means our taste is different

If I am cold in the wind

and you are warm

it doesn’t mean you are not sensitive

it means that the warmth in our body

is different

If I hear the wind of the trees

and you don’t

it doesn’t mean that my hearing is better

it means we hear different things

If I look to the sky and see a kite

and you see an airplane

it doesn’t mean that I don’t see well

it means we see different things

The difference between us

makes us closer

If for taste, music, feelings

and appearance we act differently

it shows how special we are

by Odelia


The Act of Peace

Sometimes you and I feel insecure

This makes us lose the ones we love

Lose our trust

Even lose the belief or faith in something

That’s why we should let this idea of peace

Enter our hearts and the hearts of the people around us

Most importantly, we need to make peace a part of our lives

Take this certainty with us everywhere we go

With who we are

Who we will become or what we do

Will be an act of peace

Sarahi Martorell Crespo

Mazapan School

8th Grade

14 years old

La Ceiba, Atlantida


Messenger of Peace

Oh God, make me a messenger of Peace

So I may serve you in this universe

Oh God, enlighten me with power

So I may spread Peace

Where there is hatred, disrespect, and ill-will

Let there be the ability

To forgive with affection

And where there is sorrow and darkness

Light the lamp of hope

Oh God, enlighten me with your power

Enable me to explore peace throughout the world.

Annu attends Buddha’s Smile School, which provides education, a warm meal and love for the poor, street and under-privileged children, “the untouchables.”

Annu Singh

Buddha’s Smile School

12 years old

Sarnath, India

I am what I make of myself

I am sad and happy.

I wonder when I will go out of this divine place.

I hear my family laughing and talking happily.

I see them having fun and enjoying themselves.

I want to go home in the arms of my parents.

I am sad and happy.

I pretend to love the place I’m staying.

I feel the pressure on me to become something big.

I touch my family’s photograph every day.

I worry about my future and social life.

I cry when I remember my parents miles and miles away from me.

I am sad and happy.

I say it is okay; I’m here for a reason-it’s written in my destiny.

I dream of me living in America with my family.

I try to cope with my living status.

I hope that I really get something in return for all these sacrifices.

I am sad and happy…

Kirat Kaur Brar

Akal Academy


15 years old

Baru Sahib, Himachel Pradesh


Beautiful World

This world is so beautiful

So don’t ruin it with sadness

If you care about your family and children’s future

You have to




Nature can’t do it by itself

Act now

You are the one who should take care of the future

Care about today to have a better tomorrow

Nhan Hoang

American International School

7th Grade

12 years old

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Poems for Peace is a poetry exchange between youth worldwide. Cross-cultural connections are established through the sharing of ideas, hopes, fears and dreams, weaving a strong and colorful tapestry of peace. Mission: Provide an opportunity for people to discover similarities, embrace differences, develop compassion, and foster forgiveness. Transcend racial, religious, socio-economic, physical and intellectual prejudice and unite on a deeper and more meaningful level. Inspire curiosity about different cultures, lifestyles and modes of thinking. Ignorance breeds prejudice, apathy and fear; knowledge breeds compassion. When we know, we care.