The Two Sides of Competition

William Berg and Kevin ButterfieldSeptember 14, 2018Competition and AchievementPoetry

We have been friends for around seven years and have many things in common, but we have contradictory ideas about competition. So, we thought it would be a good idea to get together and write this poem in the form of a debate (a competition of sorts), each of us arguing our own belief.

Winning in sports is as vital as a plant receiving sun.

It’s thrilling to win but what are sports if they’re not fun?

The joy of winning is eternal, mostly when you’ve tried your best.

Appreciate winning but don’t let losing cause unrest.

To lose is to plummet into endless despair.

Don’t torture yourself over defeat (it’s simply unfair!)

Surpass all others; you will never meet your match.

Be confident but humble: some are just too good to catch.