My Bubba

Lauren GelbSeptember 14, 2018Competition and AchievementPoetry

Yesterday I found a picture of me and you,

You were healthy when I was two.

You were holding me tightly with a big smile on your face,

With a look of love that time can’t erase.

I loved hearing your sweet lullabies,

And looking up into your big blue eyes.

But now it’s me singing to you.

Are you listening? I don’t have a clue.

Even though you’re here it’s like you’re not,

You don’t know how do to anything, your mind has forgot.

Your life was so difficult in WWII,

You were persecuted in Europe because you were a Jew.

You lost most of your family in the Camps, which is so sad,

When I think of what you went through I feel so bad.

Then you came to America and met Papa, and became his wife,

Together you started a brand new life.

First a girl, then a boy,

Your world was now filled with joy.

They grew up to have families of their own,

Now you have five grandchildren who are almost all grown.

Your life was now happy; then the Alzheimer’s came,

Since that awful diagnosis you’ve never been the same.

I look at you now as sad as can be,

Because when I talk to you, you don’t even know it’s me.

Your precious memories are lost forever and words are hard for you to find,

But our beautiful memories together will always be alive in my mind.