Be Aware and Beware

Mansi JhunjhunwalaSeptember 23, 2016Climate ChangePoetry

Thanks to all,
Soon there’ll be no ice on the big ball.
North Pole will be home to a lake,
Before that, please do awaken.

Global Warming has increased because of you,
Ice caps remain, but there are few.
Rising constantly is the sea level
It has risen four inches to seven.

In a decade nine percent of ice is lost,
If you hope to have ice after fifty years,
“Keep your fingers crossed!”

Amount of methane has tremendously increased,
And concern about it has decreased.

By 2040 there’ll be no polar regions,
Global Warming will be its biggest reason.
Stop cutting trees,
Stop using too much petroleum, please.

Use solar energy as much as you can,
Refrigerator and air conditioner please do ban.
Now it is time to do it,
Not read this and just sit.

For our future generations, please do save Earth,
Or else they won’t survive long after their birth!

Mansi Jhunjhunwala is 12 years old and in 7th grade in Nath Valley School in Aurangabad, India. She likes to write poems, listen to music, and play with electronic gadgets.