Love of Beauty

Ashley LiuNovember 28, 2016Beauty and the SensesPoetry
Love of Beauty

Artwork by Amy Liu

Love of beauty is taste,
Judging by its temptations.
Creation of beauty is art,
Everlasting through eternity.

Take a glance around you.
And value the beauty that isn’t momentary.
Refuse to linger on the brief fragrance of a rose
For its thorn will eventually be revealed.
Examine the fallen leaves on the withered ground.
Compare them to the depth of an ancient root.

Do not pity those untouched by charm,
Instead, take sorrow upon those delusional disguises.
Love of beauty might be appealing,
But beauty of love is eternal.

Ashley Liu is a 14-year-old freshman from Houston, Texas. She enjoys reading, swimming, spending time with friends, and watching Wuthering Heights.