Winter’s Tale

Ananya GuhaJanuary 12, 2022

Everything is so white
Covered with snow
Hiding the window pane with ice
And snowfall in tow
First came the Longest Night
Announcing the arrival of Jack Frost
And now there are frosty icicles
Sticking to the walls of the loft
The lake is now like a mirror
With its surface frozen

Attracting the country folk with its glimmer
And pleasing the small children
The snowflakes are so merry
Rejoicing the birth of Christ
Reindeers are tied to the sleighs in a hurry
For people to see the wintery sight
Nature sings to the world
That winter’s not so wistful
Hear the song if ‘tis unheard
For the Winter’s Tale is so beautiful

Ananya Guha is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Bhopal, India, and studies in Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School. She loves reading, writing, painting, and music, and literature and science are her greatest passions. She aspires to be a scientist by profession and writer by passion.