Where Will You Go?

Athena EvangeliaJanuary 18, 2024

After long days you rest
After eating you clean your teeth and breath
After rain comes great sunshine
After a kiss comes a secret invisible line
After the moon comes the shining sun
Filling life and happiness for everyone
But what happens when you’re gone?
What happens to the melody of the song
Where do you go?
Where does the river flow?
Are you never to be seen?
What does death really mean?
I have great animosity of death
Everyone says I'll see you again
Really, is that true?
How will I mend?
Mend my harsh broken bones
Oh please tell me where will you go?
Where do I go?
What do I do?
Is heaven really beautifully true?
I can't go along
I can't sing the song
Knowing that you and everything you gave is all but gone
You weren't born for the rose and the pearl
You survived the blasting giddy whirl
Where will eyes meet?
Where will the sudden silence be
The burning heat?
Oh please
Tell me where you'll be
I need to set you free
Oh please help me
What will I do without you?
The laugh fades so quietly
Where will the sun rise?
Where will the mountains reach?
I can't feel the energy anymore
The love that feels to be slipping away
But as I will always say
To know how to mend is believing there's more to the story than “The End”
Once upon a time there was
A remarkable life lived long
We both know what to do
Sing the silent life song
For I will always find you

Athena Evangelia is almost 12 years old and lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey (near Manhattan!). Athena started writing poetry in the Spring of 2023, while in the 6th grade. Her favorite teacher, Ms. Odell, inspired her. That spring, she spent a lot of time with her 90-year-old grandfather in home hospice. He was a storyteller, World War II survivor, and self-educated historian. She read her first poem for her Pappou's funeral, and then could not stop writing. She loves poetry because it helps her cope with tough times and questions, and sometimes helps others. When she expresses herself authentically, her friends relate with the words. They say that sometimes the poems help them deal with similar issues. In addition to writing poetry, she loves musical theater, writing songs/lyrics, playing soccer and softball, and learning French and Greek. She also loves her dog, Dobby.