When I Was Young

Victoria AnyangoNovember 23, 2023

I could always cry myself to
sleep because I was afraid to tell
my parents. The way mom used
to treat me, I always felt like
I wasn’t their daughter.

I would get shouted at for things
I have never done. I was always
the person that had to do the
house chores. It was killing me
inside but there was nothing
I could do because I had to respect
my elders.

I never had a close relationship
with anyone in my family. I had
my best friend but sometimes
I felt like I was annoying. When
I was in primary school I could
receive hateful comments.

But I found a person who made me
smile. I would cry inside my head. I
was always hurt. I felt like my heart
was heavy. Then there was some

events that made me feel bad being
the last born.

My mom never liked my
friends. Whenever they would
come she could tell me to
chase them away. I was never
given the opportunity to enjoy my
teenage life. I had hatred with
my life except for my dad.

How i wish, right now that my
younger self could see how I
have grown strong with my mom
and dad always makes me
smile. I feel bad for my younger

Victoria Anyango is a 16-years-old living in Nairobi, Kenya. Her hobbies include drawing, swimming, football, and writing poems.