What Came Next

Nanyee LinMay 13, 2020

What came next
After a drought lay unrest
Was a huge storm that swept
Through the continent to debt

Rain dripped down in vain
With plains carved into caves
The ravens sought plates
Filled with stains of rotten dates

People rushed into the caves
To find sanctuary
To escape from this apocalypse
And hopefully be saved

The ravens
With their sharp, contaminated beaks
Pecked their eyes ‘til they bled
And just like that
The souls broke free
And began to see the world in a different scene

The drought had shed the earth
Gave it a new shade of color
The storm had cleansed the impurities
Gave the world new meanings

Nanyee Lin is a 17-year-old living in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys listening to different types of music and sometimes plays them with her guitar. She is also a huge "Potterhead" and has memorized every Harry Potter spell by heart.