We Pursue the World Oh So Divine

Niti MajethiaFebruary 13, 2013

I view Him from out of every lens I look
He sees me from every corner and nook
I see Him in trees and flowers
While He gracefully blooms blessing showers
I see Him in the cotton candy cloud
I see Him in hearts that cry aloud
I breathe Him as I welcome a new day
I embrace Him as my dreary eyelids lay
I feel His presence while I write
I see Him supplying some might
I cry everyday
As I ask for forgiveness and a new ray
No negativity will I ever portray
Towards the Almighty whom I love each day

When negativity whizzes around his name
I tear out my heart and throw it in flames
Disturbances break on through
But I will never send negativity to YOU
Oh, dear God, show me the light
Show me your vision, your delight
Oh, my Lord, make me your home
In my heart lies thy earthly dome
With your hand entwined in mine
There is no limit or line
As we pursue this world oh so divine

Niti Majethia is 15 years old and lives in Mumbai, India. She has been writing poems since she was six. Her poems have been published many times in Robinage, a newspaper in India for children, in magazines in the United States, and have won a short story competition in Mumbai.