We Look Back and See

Alonso Torres ParedonesNovember 29, 2023

Now and then, we look back and see, how life has changed, how it used to be. The music that we listen to,

Has evolved and adapted, it's true. There was a time when music was simple, but now it's a mix of genres, a ripple.

From rock to pop to hip-hop,
different styles, they never stop. But sometimes we hear a song,
that takes us back, where we belong. A timeless beat that we all know, it's a reminder of how things used to go.

Life now is fast-paced and busy, technology has made things easy. We can connect with people from afar, and travel to places, near and far.

But then life was simpler and slow, we took our time, we took it slow. We played outside, we talked to friends, we made memories that never end. Now we live in a world of screens, We're always connected, or so it seems. We get lost in the digital world,
and forget to live, forget to twirl.

But then, life was about experience, We felt the world, we made a difference. We explored, we learned, we grew, We made mistakes, we made it through.
Now and then, we can see,
that life is different, or so it may be. But some things never change, it's true, like the timeless beat of music that we knew.

So let's remember where we came from, let's embrace the past, let's have some fun. Let's dance to the beat of the old and new.

Alonso Torres Paredones is a seventh grader in San Pablo, California. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his dog Maxx, playing baseball and soccer, and pursuing photography and art. He hopes to be an immigration lawyer, a vet, or a journalist when he grows up.