Wake Up

Rand Ang Siong LinAugust 30, 2017

Wake up now.
Wake up, you with your head lying low
Battered by looks, words, and actions
Always in a constant state of mental tension
Being told that however hard you buck up,
you won’t add up.

They want you to give up, to break,
For your mind and soul to finally take the cake.
But will you, under all that weight,
Give in to the jealousy and hate?

No, you refuse to.
Let your efforts and resilience break through.
Prove to everyone that you have the fervor.
Make your point hit hard and last forever
All because you never gave in,
Despite the hurt or the sting.

Don’t give up and stay sessile,
Always fight and be resile.
Rejuvenate, and wake up to face another day.

Rand Ang is a 14-year-old literature student from Singapore. Rand's hobbies are digital art and debating, aside from gaming, of course.