Violence All Around the World

Maximiliano ZapataMay 11, 2023

There is violence all around, I'm tired of it, we’re tired of it.
People all around the world being hurt.
On the internet, on the news, in real life.
All I see is violence and cruelty and people being scarred for life.
All I see are reasons to have fright.
We should use our words to help others instead of using our fists to hurt others.
We should be protesting animal cruelty.
We should be helping the poor.
We could be doing good things for the world.
Instead we use our voices and our power to hurt others.
I want to better myself because I am not perfect.
Why get mad and sad when we can better ourselves?
We can help ourselves by doing whats best for us.
We can better ourselves by being with our family and friends.

Maximiliano Zapata is an elementary school student from San Pablo, California.