Fatema KarimiNovember 2, 2016

I stand stripped of my pride
Runes carved on my forehead
Symbolizing humility and shame
On a rock, alone, on an island
I fend for myself and protect my honor
Surrounded by tumultuous seas
Amphitrite’s symphony ringing
From ear to ear

I walk across a meadow dotted
With amaryllis and alstroemeria
Under a drunken sky with sweet perfumes
Wisteria gown grazing the grass
Heading towards my home
Hidden beneath grapevines
Frail romantic breezes whisk clouds
Shrouding me in their melody

I run atop my high horse, through
Cities, meadows, and seas
Garbed in gold, diamond enameled
My crown shining like Arcturus
Against a dim light, guiding
Setting examples of my honor
Dignity pouring like Cabernet
Quenching the world's thirst

Soon, whispers of the crown falling
The sea engulfing and the meadow
Burning, destroying and diluting
Thrashing the barriers that hide men
Stealing their romances
Exposing their pride and unveiling the
Truth of man's nature

The sea divulges its secrets
The meadow shows images disgraced
Horses leave their masters in despair
Human dignity thwarted
Facets of gems cracked open

Fatema Karimi is 17 years old and in 12th grade. She is from Karachi, Pakistan. Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling, swimming, playing badminton, and teaching underprivileged kids.