Two Poems

Jeremy Joshua GutierrezMay 30, 2023

After the Violence

I Look around
Everything is destroyed
The clouds are grey as the smoke from the burning building
I see blood on the road and sidewalk, big splotches of dark red garnet
I see buildings and firemen putting out flaming buildings and stores
I can smell the nasty smell of smoke
going inside my lungs
Water tankers come in to help the firemen with red lights flashing
EMS coming through with injured people with wide and violent injuries or with big bruises or scratches
Rescue forces going through the debris of destroyed buildings and stores
Police cars with their loud blaring sirens and red and blue lights, racing through the streets
I hear the police and firefighters' radio blaring orders and rescue
Tow trucks putting cones on the side of broken and burned cars
Giant Wreckers coming in with the orange bright lights flashing constantly
I hear the whirling of helicopters coming through above my destroyed neighborhood

Everywhere I see,
Something is broken, damaged, shattered, smashed, injured, burnt, dented
My neighborhood isn't like it was now, joyful and relaxing but,
Maybe things can get better, Don't You Think It Will Be The Same Again?

* * *

The Healing After the Violence

In the aftermath of violence,
We search for solace in silence,
But healing is a journey we must take,
For our own sake.
It starts with acknowledging the pain, And letting ourselves feel it again
Only then can we begin to mend,
And find peace in the end.
We must learn to forgive,
Not for the sake of the ones who did us wrong,
but for us to live, Free from the burden of anger and hate,
And to finally open the gate. The road to healing may be long,
But we must stay strong, For with each step we take,
We are one step closer to a brighter day.
So hold on to hope and love, And trust in the power of healing from above,
With time and patience on our side, We will heal and thrive.

Jeremy Joshua Gutierrez is a 12-year-old writer from San Pablo, California.