Track Practice at the Gym

Saagi HemmingsJune 18, 2020

I pick                                         We start off good with
    One kid                            another blazing through
           A fast runner                It´s my turn, there´s
Another one,                               one who wants,
           another = same thing            just one thing - to go
The next- uhhhhh                                he goes,
          He was begging!                                        Then I go…
Thousands of                               BAM!!!! A hurdle goes down
         Voices                                               There’s people yelling,
                Screaming                                            at me to pick it up
Upset at me                                Then it falls again, and again...

Saagi is a 13-year-old eighth grader at Harlem Academy, who is from and lives in the Bronx with her parents. Saagi enjoys dancing and learning choreographies with her friends at school; she also participates in track and field, as she has for four years. Her favorite event is the long jump.