To Have Courage

Maximiliano ZapataJuly 11, 2023

In times of fear and doubt, we seek The strength to rise and be unique To face the challenges ahead
And push away the thoughts of dread

But where does courage come from, pray? Does it arrive with dawn? Or must we search within our soul to find the will to take control?

Perhaps it lies in taking risks
And trusting in our own abilities or in the knowledge that we're not alone

And others have walked this path before

It may be found in facing our fears and standing tall, despite the tears Or in the simple act of faith

That tomorrow brings a brighter day

Wherever courage may be found It is a beacon, shining bright
A guiding star to light the way

And lead us through the darkest night

So let us seek the courage within To chase our dreams and strive to win For though the road may be long and hard

With courage, we can go far.

Maximiliano Zapata is an elementary school student from San Pablo, California.