The Youth and His Fortune

Maria ChristianDecember 21, 2011

In the meadow, we all have play’d,

In the field where the tall grass sway’d,

In the green, ’round yonder glen,

Back in the days before “where” and when”

Gone is the sunshine, bright and strong,

Gone is the joy of childhood long

Alone in the past, solitary youth stood

Between child’s pasture and future’s wood.

Nevermore small, but not yet grown,

Out of the nest, not yet flown

Bittersweet soul, isolated and dark

Heart is barren, mind is stark,

An enemy to love, a stranger to sorrow

All they own is feelings borrow’d.

Winters cover autumnal tears,

Springtime soothes all Mankind’s fears.

But, alas, they ignore all that is light

Pleased to sit lonely in frost’s icy bite,

Ah, they are comforted, hugged, and loved

Loved even more than the heavens above,

And, they admit, they can love as well,

Love, love the tolling of a bell,

Far in the future, in the woods, dark and thick,

But go, fledgling, future’s calling is quick!

Beyond the past, onward to glory!

Finish the chapter, no, the whole story!

Go forth, no slumber until the works done,

Hurry, now, hurry, it’s only begun!

Forward, old child! Onward, young man!

Conquer the hills, conquer the land!

Be not lazy; with gifts you’re endowed!

The time to become, that time it is


Hi. I’m 12 years old, come from the great state of Maine, and love getting people presents, drawing, and reading. I want to create my own TV show when I grow up, or be a guidance counselor. I have my whole life ahead of me to decide!