The Sunset of My Life

Meenu RaviJuly 27, 2011

The perfume of the ocean

grasps in the air.

The haze on my face

leaves a salty flavor in my mouth.

The breeze ruffles with my hair,

The waves clash on the shore

a calming, placid lullaby

of life’s eternal vanish and flow.

I listen spellbound by this ancient song,

healing the soul with its archaic melody.

The friendliness of the day

slowly withers.

I watch the beam descent from the sky

Colors change

from golden orange

to carmine pink

and finally making its way to healing scarlet.

The last rays stretch across the ocean

to caress my heart

and restore my happiness.

I am new, strengthened

able to face another life.

I am Meenu Ravi from Norwood, Massachusetts. I love writing poems and Awesome Moments for KidSpirit as well as reading other pieces!