The Sunrise

Polina UsenkoNovember 12, 2020

I see the strength and beauty of the sunrise,
It’s one of the nature’s best prizes.
I think these moments see the wise.
Whose joy has growing size.

I like to share all this with my friends.
I hope this gladness never ends,
But every day only extends
And never lowers or descends.

This beauty influences me so well.
Inspires and touches my inner bell
Which makes me happy, helps me to relax.
These things are all the best morning snacks.

Polina Usenko is in eighth grade and lives in Kiev, Ukraine with her parents, two canaries, and her dog, Richy. When she has free time, she likes reading books, dancing, playing with her dog, taking photos, and writing poems. Her friends are very positive people and she enjoys spending time with them.