The Stage of Old Age

Aliya Shetty OzaNovember 14, 2019

Glasses, medicines, and wrinkles on their face,
Their bones are brittle and the strength they have is too little to bend and tie a lace.

Yes, this poem is about being old,
I’m sure you’ve heard the word often told.

The elderly have grey hair instead of brown or black.
Honestly, physical strength and might is what they lack.

They suffer from back, chest, breathing problems, too.
They can’t stand long enough in a queue.

Grandpas and Grandmas like reading to us kids,
They are also very smart and have lived life — yes, that they did.

Their blessings mean so much,
And that’s what we get as their feet we touch.

We have to help them, they used to be us!
Being sweet and kind to them is a must.

Old people only want our time, love, and care, because without them,
We and our parents wouldn’t be here!

Aliya Shetty Oza is a 10-year-old studying at Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai, India. She is passionate about writing and dancing. More of her writing can be found at