The Mother Guide

Jash KalyaniMay 6, 2015

Dedicated to my mother, Jimi Kalyani

In a problem wide, with mother by his side,
He asked for a solution, an answer or swift conclusion
The mother said:

Son, the problem is yours; solve it on your own,
Remember there is always a stepping stone!

A new day is a puzzle, a riddle to solve;
Around which, unexpectedly, your life will revolve.
Promotion or demotion—prepare for a revolution!

Birth is free, but not the rest
Your life is wee, but a certain test.

Good and bad is the almighty’s will,
One helps while the other kills.
Live like an infant, glide all the time
You won’t have to hunt for your life’s dime.

I suggest in life: never say no!
Like sand from the fist, let them flow.
You shall reap seeds of what you sow
Cause problems happen to come and go.

Jash Hitesh Kalyani is 14 years old and in eighth grade at Nath Valley School in Aurangabad, India. For Jash, words are the humblest medium of human expression. He has earned recognition from the Government of Maharashtra for drawing and painting studies, and enjoys learning about the world and its peoples.