The Goliath

Ben VigueJune 29, 2011

The beads of sweat drip down my forehead.

The Goliath.

The tallest,

the nastiest,

the meanest,

the most unforgiving.

It was the biggest roller coaster in the park.

I have always been afraid of them.

We were creeping up the side.

There was no return.

I had to do it now.

The drop had no feelings.

The sheer terror.

The butterflies in my stomach.

I could only think of

the drop,

I was intimidated.

We were slowly creeping over the top.

I felt trapped.

Like a dog in a kennel.

I still couldn’t see over the edge,

but I heard the screams,

who already experienced,

what should not be experienced.

Then, we peaked.

We started to descend,

the fear blasted out of me.

The screams on the cart were at volume 100,

we were diving at incredible speeds.

I had a lot of fears but this conquers all,

just like the roller coaster the Goliath.

We fell 181 feet.

Just as it was beginning it ended.

The ride had transformed me.

Disintegrated my thoughts.

I could only think of the Goliath.

The coaster,

extinguished my fear.





and unforgiving

as it was I will never forget the thrill of

the Goliath.

Hi, I’m Ben Vigue. I love to write and read but I also love sports. I hope that you enjoy my poetry.