The Glory of Education

Riwaj ShresthaNovember 7, 2019

A mystery of song and
a magic of love
and a sign of peace
a glory known as education.
A candle that makes
all the darkness of the world
a flash of light and whiteness.
Without it we are like
people getting wet in a rain
of harmful pain.
The way that destroys racism
and makes pleasure,
that increases faith to do something.

Without education
we are just equal to
a bulb without any electricity.
If personality is our name
literacy is our nickname.
Education is like a weapon
which we do not need any license to equip
and a free sovereignty
for which we do not need any permit.

Riwaj Shrestha is a grade eight student at Prajwal Shiksha Sadan English School in Hetauda, Nepal. He is a member of KidSpirit's Nepal Editorial Board.